About Us

◎  Origin of foundation:

With the increasing amount of foreign spouses , Taiwan has already become a society of multicultural fusion. To change with the social current and to make use of official and civil resources, the government of Changhua county founded “Family Service Center for Foreign Spouses of Changhua county” and authorized it to “Lifeline Association of Changhua county”, applying with professional human resource and case management, focusing on the treatment for family, integrating and building the resource network for foreign spouses, providing integrative and comprehensive service to enhance the ability of acceptance and serving toward foreign spouses who live in community, to effectively and positively satisfy those multi-needs of foreign spouses and their families.


Institution of guidance:Ministry of the Interior

Host:the government of Changhua county

organizer:Lifeline Association of Changhua county

Our Clients

foreign spouses (including spouses come from Mainland China) and their families living in Changhua county

◎ Our Services

*Family caring and visit
*Social Resources connection and referral
*multiculture guidance
*Traslation service
*Legal counseling for free
*Lending for foreign language magazines

Service Time:

From Monday to Sunday(Closed on official holidays)



Connenting Information:

Family Service Center for Foreign Spouses of Changhua county

4F., No.60, Sec. 1, Nanguo Rd., Changhua City




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